Nicolas Antoine Coulon de Villiers1

M, #11807, b. 25 June 1708, d. 3 April 1750
7th great-granduncle of Joseph Wayne Peery
     Nicolas Antoine Coulon de Villiers was born on 25 June 1708 at Vercheres, Parish of Contrecoeur, Quebec, Canada.2,1 He was the son of Nicolas Antoine Coulon de Villiers and Angelique Jarret de Vercheres.1 He was baptized in 1709 at St. Trinity, Parish of Contrecoeur, Quebec, Canada.3,4 He began military service in 1725.5 He took charge of the troups and withdrew after the commander, his father, Nicolas Antoine Coulon de Villiers, brother, Damonville Coulon de Villiers, and his brother-in-law, Francois Antoine Lefebvre du Plessis Faber were killed in an encounter with a Fox war party on 13 September 1733 at Baie-des-Puants (Green Bay, WI), Canada.5,6 He was promoted to Lieutenant in the French Army in 1734.5 He married Marie Anne Tarieu de la Perade, daughter of Pierre Thomas Tarieu de la Perade and Marie Magdeleine Jarret de Vercheres, on 7 October 1743 at Beauceville, Quebec, Quebec, Canada.7 He was promoted to Captain in the French Army in 1746.5 He "fought the English in Acadia during the winter of 1746-47. He defeated them in a battle in 1747, but suffered a severe injury to an arm. More than two years later, surgeons removed the shattered limb. However, the botched medical procedure, performed in Canada in 1750, caused his death."5 He died on 3 April 1750 at Montreal, Quebec, Canada, at age 41 years, 9 months and 9 days.3 He was buried on 4 April 1750 at Montreal, Quebec, Canada.3

Family: Nicolas Antoine Coulon de Villiers and Marie Anne Tarieu de la Perade


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