Philippe Lacase1,2

M, #5438, b. circa 1775, d. before 10 August 1824
     Philippe Lacase was born circa 1775.1 He married Genevieve Carriere circa 1800.1 He died before 10 August 1824.1

Child of Philippe Lacase and Genevieve Carriere


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  2. [S2] SWLR - St. Landry Catholic Church, DUROUSSEAU, Carmelite (Roy & Carmelite LACASE) b. 16 Feb. 1827, bt. 11 May 1827 Pats: Noel ROY [probably DUROUSSEAU] & Susanne BELLO [not certain of accuracy]; Mats: Philippe LACASE & Genevieve CARRIERE; Spons: Auguste GODEAU & Marcelite Bastien BENOIT. Fr. Flavius Henri ROSSI (Opel. Ch.: v.2, p.367).
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