Felicite Stelly

F, #3084, b. circa 1780
     Felicite Stelly was born circa 1780 at Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.1 She was the daughter of Francois Stelly and Marie Therese Berthelot.1 She married Emanuel Castille, son of Joseph Castille and Ozite Landry, on 12 May 1800 at St. Landry Catholic Church, Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.2 She became a widow upon the death of her husband, Emanuel Castille, before October 1804.1 A contract for the marriage of Felicite Stelly and Louis Roquigny was signed on 25 September 1810 at St. Landry Parish Courthouse, Opelousas, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana.3

Children of Felicite Stelly and Emanuel Castille

Family: Felicite Stelly and Louis Roquigny


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