Francois Antoine Lefebvre du Plessis Faber1

M, #11845, b. 13 June 1703, d. 13 September 1733
     Francois Antoine Lefebvre du Plessis Faber was born on 13 June 1703 at Montreal, Quebec, Canada.1 He married Madeleine Coulon de Villiers, daughter of Nicolas Antoine Coulon de Villiers and Angelique Jarret de Vercheres, on 11 June 1728 at St. Joseph, Illinois Territory, French Louisiana.1 He was killed in an encounter with a Fox war party along with his father-in-law, Nicolas Antoine Coulon de Villiers, and brother-in-law, Damonville Coulon de Villiers on 13 September 1733 near Baie-des-Puants (Green Bay, WI), Canada, at age 30 years and 3 months.2,3,4

Family: Francois Antoine Lefebvre du Plessis Faber and Madeleine Coulon de Villiers


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    Name:     Captain Nicholas Antoine Coulon DeVilliers
    SAR Membership:     97783
    Birth Date:     20 Mar 1683
    Birth Place:     Mantes, France
    Death Date:     13 Sep 1733
    Death Place:     Bois De Puant, Canada
    Spouse:     Marie Anglique Jarret DeVercheres
    Children:     Chevalier Francois Coulon DeVilliers.