Jean Sutter1

M, #7290, b. circa 1780


  1. [S9] SWLR - St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church, ROYER, Victorin (Auguste - native of Kaskassias [Kaskaskia] & Victoire CORMIER - from here) b. 5 Dec. 1813, bt. 28 May 1814 Pats: Auguste ROYE - of Canada & Dorothee DEGAIGNE - of the same place; Mats: Michel CORMIER - of Acadia & Catherine STELY - from the Mississippi; Spons: Baptiste DEROUS [DEROUSE] & Marguerite ROYE. Fr. Michel Bernard BARRIERE (Opel. Ch.: v.2, p.31).
  2. [S9] SWLR - St. Martin de Tours Catholic Church, CORMIER, Victoire - widow of Auguste ROYER; inhabitant at Carencro, native of Opelousas parish (minor daughter of dec. Michel & Catherine STELY) m. 1 April 1819 Jean SUTTER - of this parish; native of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania (major son of Pitter [Peter] - inhabitant at Carencros & Sally KARUTHERS) Wits: Joseph Eloy BRAUX, Toussin ARCENEAUX, Emile ARCENEAU, James CARUTHERS. Fr. Gabriel ISABEY (SM Ch.: v.6, #141).