Joseph Huckaby

M, #49, b. 11 October 1882, d. 7 December 1964
6th cousin 1 time removed of Joseph Wayne Peery
     Joseph Huckaby was born on 11 October 1882 at Church Point, Acadia Parish, Louisiana. He was the son of Samuel Huckaby and Celestine Hutzler. He married Bertha C. Summerall on 1 October 1904. He married Mary Lavicia Laughlin on 15 December 1906 at Crowley, Acadia Parish, Louisiana. He married Ollie Stark on 28 June 1919 at Acadia Parish, Louisiana. He died on 7 December 1964 at age 82 years, 1 month and 26 days.

Child of Joseph Huckaby and Bertha C. Summerall

  • Ruth Huckaby

Children of Joseph Huckaby and Mary Lavicia Laughlin

Children of Joseph Huckaby and Ollie Stark

  • Joseph Samuel Huckaby
  • Dd Huckaby
  • Bob Huckaby
  • Lulu Huckaby