Marie Marguerite Moreau1

F, #3001, b. 23 September 1752
5th great-grandmother of Joseph Wayne Peery
Pedigree Chart of Joseph Wayne Peery
     Marie Marguerite Moreau was born on 23 September 1752 at Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.2 As of 23 September 1752, Marie Marguerite Moreau was also known as Marguerite Marie.3 She was the daughter of Pierre Moreau and Marie Anne Delatte.2 She married Pierre Bergeron on 8 January 1771 at Pointe Coupee, Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana.2,3

Children of Marie Marguerite Moreau and Pierre Bergeron


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    Marriage Place:     Pointe Coupee, LA
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    Gender:     Male
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    Birth Year:     1748
    Spouse Name:     Marguerite Marie Moreau
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    Spouse Birth Year:     1752
    Year:     1771
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