Francoise Perie

F, #2751, b. 1617, d. 2 January 1709
8th great-grandmother of Joseph Wayne Peery
Pedigree Chart of Joseph Wayne Peery (#1)
Pedigree Chart of Joseph Wayne Peery (#2)
     Francoise Perie was born in 1617 at France.1,2 She married Pierre Hobbe.1 She died on 2 January 1709 at Sainte-Anne-de-la-Perade, Mauricie Region, Quebec, Canada, at age 92 years.3

Child of Francoise Perie and Pierre Hobbe


  1. [S1383] Netherlands, GenealogieOnline Trees Index, 1000-Current, online, Name:     Pierre Hobbe'
    Gender:     Male
    Birth Date:     1613
    Birth Place:     Ile De France, France
    Spouse:     Francoise Perie
    Children:     Francoise Hobbe'
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    Gender:     Female
    Birth Date:     1609
    Birth Place:     St Sulpice Par, of St Sulpice Par, France
    Death Date:     2 Jan 1709
    Death Place:     St. Ann, De La Perade, Canada
    Spouse:     Pierre Hobbe
    Children:     Francoise Hobbe.
  4. [S1297] Millennium File, online, Millennium File about Francoise Hobbe
    Name:     Francoise Hobbe
    Gender:     Female
    Birth Date:     1639
    Death Date:     5 Jan 1709
    Father:     Pierre Hobbe
    Mother:     Francoise Perie
    Spouse:     Michel Roy
    Children:     Edmond Roy.
  5. [S1297] Millennium File, online, Millennium File about Michel Roy
    Name:     Michel Roy
    Gender:     Male
    Birth Date:     1649
    Death Date:     14 Jan 1709
    Death Place:     St. Anne, De Le Perade, Canada
    Marriage Date:     8 Oct 1668
    Father:     Michel Sr Roy
    Mother:     Louise Chairlier
    Spouse:     Francoise Hobbe
    Children:     Edmond Roy
    Spouse Father:     Pierre Hobbe
    Spouse Mother:     Francoise Perie.