Elizabeth Ironmonger Gaines1,2

F, #2369, b. 3 May 1685, d. 3 April 1709
7th great-grandmother of Joseph Wayne Peery
Pedigree Chart of Joseph Wayne Peery
     Elizabeth Ironmonger Gaines was born on 3 May 1685.2 She may have been born in 1687.1 She married Captain John Collier Sr., son of Charles Collier and Mary Eyers, on 3 February 1705.1,2 She died on 3 April 1709 at King and Queen County, Virginia, at age 23 years and 11 months. She may have died in 1708.1

Child of Elizabeth Ironmonger Gaines and Captain John Collier Sr.


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    Name:     Miss Gaines
    Gender:     Female
    Birth Date:     1685
    Spouse:     Captain John Collier
    Children:     John (Jr) Collier.
  3. [S1313] U. S. Sons of the American Revolution, Dabney Collier Jackson II, National File: 82295, State File: 2119, This source says that John Collier, Jr.'s mother was John Collier's 3rd wife, Mary Eppes. Due to the dates of marriage and birth, I believe his mother was Elizabeth Ironmonger Gaines.
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    Name:     Capt John Collier     
    Father:     John Collier
    Mother:     Sallie Gaines
    Birth Date:     1707
    City:     King Queen
    State:     VA
    Country:     USA.