Thomas Lane1

M, #11005, b. 1663, d. 8 October 1733
7th great-grandfather of Joseph Wayne Peery
Pedigree Chart of Joseph Wayne Peery
     Thomas Lane was born in 1663 at Surry County, Virginia.2,1 He was the son of Thomas Lane and Elizabeth Jones.3 He married Jane Flood circa 1685 at Surry County, Virginia.2,3,1 He died on 8 October 1733 at Surry County, Virginia, at age 70 years.2

Child of Thomas Lane and Jane Flood


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    Name:     Thomas Lane
    Parents:     Thomas Lane, Jane Flood
    Birth Place:     Surry, VA
    Birth Date:     1689
    Marriage Place:     Surry, VA
    Marriage Date:     1714
    Death Place:     Surry, VA
    Death Date:     1721.
  2. [S11] Family Data Collection, online, Name:     Thomas Lane
    Spouse:     Jane Flood
    Parents:     Thomas Lane, Elizabeth Mrs Jones
    Birth Place:     Surry County, VA
    Birth Date:     1663
    Marriage Place:     Surry, VA
    Marriage Date:     1693
    Death Place:     Surry County, VA
    Death Date:     8 Oct 1733.
  3. [S11] Family Data Collection, online, Name:     Thomas Lane
    Parents:     Thomas Lane, Elizabeth Jones
    Birth Place:     Surry, VA
    Birth Date:     1662
    Marriage Place:     Surry, VA
    Marriage Date:     1685
    Death Place:     Surry, VA
    Death Date:     1733.